About us

Conocimiento de Si Mismo is an association of people from different jobs, professions, nationalities, etc, which purpose is colaborate in a conscious way with humankind, supporting  people to develop  oneself’s job and learn to be guided by its own Superior Self.

With this knowledge here we share  we invite each person to investigate, verify an prove by itself, to find the truth with the help of its own Superior Self, so that get to know with accuracy who is it,  what is the purpose of existence, what is life, and the reason why universe exists.

Our mission is teaching how to use the tools that will allow each person to work over itself in a practice and truthful way:

  • The own psychological defect’s disintegration, to release and wake up conscience.
  • The Self‘s existential superior bodies creation, getting to be manifest in nature’s superior dimensions and so to discover the secrets of universe.
  • The conscious spread of this knowledge, free, with no discrimination, respecting other people’s free will.