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In the search for inner knowledge, all main ancient cultures worked with the 4 wisdom’s pillars all four together and in a balanced way.

As the time went on, the 4 wisdom’s pillars were separated, their essence was adulterated y they did not pursuit fundamental wisdom anymore.

Science, Art, Psichology and Mystic are the four pillars that support the temple of universal wisdom.

The talks of Oneself’s Knowledge are based in a profound study of this 4 pillars intending to achieve innerself enlightenment, a revolution of conscience.



Believing is completely different from knowing. Science teach us that direct experimentation is the base of inner knoledge. By practicing we can know and investigate nature’s different dimensions, beyond any theory.

We teach and practice different procedures to know the oneself’s inner world and this way get to know everything that exists. The practices are: Concentration, relaxation, remind of past lives, astral projection, meditation, karma’s negotiation and cancellation. Also you can know the laws of nature, to understand how they work and transcend them.



The art teach us how to create ourselves through a wise use of Sexual Creator Energy. In our sexual energy is our conscience and all our chances of being and create.

Know how to regenerate yourself and to create superior bodies which you can use to access nature’s superior dimensions.



It teaches us to study our soul, our mind to release it from defects which have trapped our conscience.

Through self-observation (to watch oneself’s inner world), reflection and comprehension it’s possible to disintegrate our psychological flaws and so release our conscience.



This pillar teach us the importance of loving oneself’s interior job, and to share this 4 pillar’s knowledge with other people.

Only constant practicing and disinterested help to humanity can take us to experience the wonderful force of love, which is the capability of giving with no conditions. Love is in conscious and unselfish  actions.


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