Talk 1 phase A

Oneself’s Knowledge and its aims

To know oneself’s inner world means to have achieve identity  to the own Divine Self, to become as oneself’s spirit, to directly experience sameness between what is known what is knowing. That’s what we can define as self knowledge.

It’s fundamental in life to know oneself: ¿Where do we come from? ¿Where are we going to? ¿What is  the matter of existence? ¿Why do we live for?

Certainly, to know oneself is fudamental; all people believes to know theirself when they actually don’t; this task requires oneself’s inner world unceasing self observation, we need  to observe us and notice as we really are…

Unfortunately, people easily admit that they have a physical body, they accept it cause they can see it, they can touch it, but its psyche is different, as they can’t see it or touch it, it becomes something confusing that they can’t understand. When a person begins to observe itself’s inner world it’s a sign that’s looking for a change.

If someone wants to know the “Inner Worlds” of earth planet, of solar system or the galaxy where we live, it must first know its own inner worlds, its interior particular life.

“Know yourself and you’ll know universe and gods” Each of us has its own wisdom wich belongs to its Real Inner-Self.

We know God is everywhere, but ¿do we know our own part of divinity?

We never have time to know our inner world. We don’t care much for this, however it’s necessary to do this job consiously.

made of three parts 01

  •  Material: our physical body or human machine. We have it but it’s not all we are.
  • Soul or Mind: it’s the 97% of trapped essence, the psychological energy that originates all our movements, it’s something we don’t really know despite that we live mostly in our inner world rather than in external world. Here we find all our different ways of behavior, our defects.
  • Espirit or Consciense: it’s the 3% of free and conscious essence. The real, the truthful, the eternal or immortal. The each one’s knowing part, something that doesn’t belong to time and never passes.

To get to Inner World we must study the four pillars of wisdom, which allow us to slowly extend in oneself’s inner world.



Experimenting is the base of conscience science.  Science teaches us different procedures to know our inner world and  so to experience it directly.

The word “Knowledge” comes from knowing, not believing. Through practice we can directly experience nature’s different dimensions.

We teach the following practices:

  • Concentration
  • Relaxation
  • Conscious Astral Projection
  • Meditation
  • Retrospection
  • Karma Negotiation
  • Karma Cancellation
  • Etc., etc.

Practice makes perfect, that’s why we must practice to succeed.



Art teaches us to Create. How to create ourselves.

In the Sexual Center huge posibilities for a human being  are latent.

Supra-sex or superior sex allow us to create Self’s Superior Existential Bodies to have representation in natures’s different dimensions.

We get this through sexual union between a man and a woman, male phallus (penis) insertion into female yoni (vagina), without losing  Sexual Creator Energy.


  • Belilin and Magic Circle conjurations.
  • Ask for aid to your own Inner Father and Divine Mother.
  • To light the fire with caress and kisses, to achieve female yoni’s perfect lubrication for the penetration.
  • Connection or penetration phallus into  yoni (penis into vagina)
  • The breathing process has three stages:
  1. Inhaling (20 seconds) Imagine air entering lungs  and then take it to sexual glands.
  2. Retention (20 seconds) Imagine and feel a golden thread rises through spine, and gets to the space between the eyebrows.
  3. Exhaling (20 seconds) while pronouncing a mantra slowly and extendedly.  IIIIII, AAAAA, OOOO, one vowel at time, repeating all breathing process for each vowel.
  • Retire without spilling Sexual Creator Energy (no orgasm)



Many people live inside us, we’re never the same. Sometimes a stingy person manifests itself in us, later an irritable person, in any other instant a magnificent person, a benevolent one, later on a scandalous person or a slandered one, after a saint; later a liar, etc.

Our Energy is stuffed in each one of our defects; we are machine-people, simple puppets handled by invisible strings. We lack of true individuality, each defect moves in a different way, we are never the same.

When we seriously self-observe the inner world we get surprised by so many defects. Each defect we have is a different person.

conciencia 01

When any of our defects it’s disintegrated, the conscience this defect had trapped it’s released. With each defect’s death we recover Wisdom and Love that were trapped on it. This way all sparks released join to free conscience.

Method for Conscience release:

  1. Self-observe in every instant so that we can discover the different defects that manifest.
  2. An exposed defect must be judged until getting to comprehension.
  3. Once comprehended you must get rid of it through a disintegration request to our particular Divine Mother.
  4.  With this simple process we can change the way we behave, eliminating detail by detail, and so released conscience trapped in each defect. This method is called “on the go Death



Mystic teaches us to love inner as external job.

A person starts to know the inner world when it has started to experience, to prove what’s real about its Own Particular Self.

So in Bodie’s Creation job as in defects disintegration and sacrifice for humankind it’s necessary to develop  love towards job by itself. And this is one of the most difficult things because of the state we are, previously described.

When we develop uninterested sacrifice for humanity we start to experience love for it,  we vibrate with love’s wonderful force, and experience a very important change in our cells.

Only through practice and direct experience it’s possible to improve our capability of doing,  this is what we’ll call mystic,  since love without work it’s impossible.



  1. Inner Self‘s self fulfilment
  2. Human being regeneration
  3. Releasing of all our conscience
  4. Self’s superior existential bodies Creation
  5. To know all nature laws
  6. To Know all Superior Dimensions
  7. To incarnate our individual Christ
  8. To resuscitate in oneself
  9. To achieve sacred individuality

Seventy five practice talks are given, open entry and completely free, divided into this knowledge’s four pillars, for all who is interested. We invite you to assist to any of our rooms.

End Talk 1



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