Talk 3: Astral Projection


¿Why is it called Astral Projection?

  • It’s called Projection because it consists on taking out an inner double or Soul, a body exactly the same as physical body but made up of molecules.
  • And Astral because with it we can travel to the stars.

This operation it’s carried out unconsciously every time we fall asleep: we enter molecular world or dream’s region. The only difference is going out consciously instead of asleep. It means that you enter in fifth dimension in a conscious way and at will.

¿How is the practice done?

There are many forms for doing it, that’s why we enumerate just a few:

  1. By concentration
  2. Using imagination
  3. By watching over the dreams
  4. Instant by instant death
  5. By pronouncing mantrams

At any rate what’s really important is wanting to do it, and then daring to do it. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

For doing this practice by Mantralization we recommend the following steps:

  1. Do Belilin and Magic Circle conjurations.
  2. Ask for assistance to Inner father and Divine Mother, and establish objective.
  3. Relax physical and psychological body.
  4. Pronounce one of the following mantrams:
  1. Verify periodically if we are already projected, standing up and jumping, trying to fly or pulling one of our fingers to see if it stretches.

Astral projection symptoms:

  • You can feel your body inflates.
  • You can feel you are floating.
  • You can feel your body is easily rocking.
  • You can feel that your legs are rising, or your arms are floating.
  • You can feel a small electric current.
  • You can feel you’re turning at great speed.
  • You can feel a noise next to your ears.
  • You can appear consciously introduced inside a dream.


The secret is TO PRACTICE with lots of patience until getting achievement. Remember: Where there’s a will there’s a way.

 desdoblamiento astral 03

 End Talk 3





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