Talk 4 Phase A


The objectives for this talk are:

  • To know which centers we own internally. To know how they work, what energy they consume, where they are placed, etc.
  • What are the possibilities we have to develop, equilibrate and regenerate them.
  • What function they play, what is their activity during the day, and how to save energy.

The seven hubs of human machine: (it’s important to notice here that when we’re talking about Hubs it’s about something that belongs to Physical World, and therefore to physical body)

Sexual Hub

  • Location: Coccyx bone
  • Function: TO CREATE, with three possibilities for sex
  1. Supra-sex: it creates the sons of light, Self’s existential bodies’ creation.
  2. Normal sex: Species reproduction with no fornication
  3. Infra-sex: Animal Ego reproduction
  • Energy: Sexual
  • Sense: Touch
  • Defect: Laziness

 Instinctive Hub

  • Location: Sacro bone
  • Function: Its function consists on apprehending (to capture the deep meaning  of any lived situation without keeping it in mind). It’s in charge of handling all microcosm’s water. Therefore it handles  physical  body’s health, cell’s reproduction, the karm, etc. It handles all metallic atoms of our mercury. In them is our Ego, that’s why when Emotional Hub produces a desire this center takes possession of it. For this reason we’ll say that it plays the function of Learning (without h, which process its given due to water’s memory), through desire: TO WANT and it is the mechanical function of this center.
  • Energy: Vital
  • Sense: Taste
  • Defect: Greed

 Lower Emotional Hub

  • Location: On the same latitude as navel, over spinal column
  • Function: TO FEEL:  positive and negative emotions. Positive emotions are produced by conscience, like the wish of serving and loving. Negative emotions make us feel pleasure or pain and they reject. With negative emotions we fall in love, we fell pleasure, happiness…we hate, we feel resentment and bitterness. We must learn to balance this center since it is the one that handles fire, and therefore it keep us adulterating all time.
  • Energy: Emotional
  • Sense: Smell
  • Defect: Lust

 Lower Intellectual Hub

  • Location: On the same latitude as Heart, over spinal column
  • Function: TO THINK: to think up, to plan, to remember. Before doing anything first we plan it, that’s why it’s said that thoughts are the origin of works. When we think, even if we don’t know about it, we are starting to create. From the quality of thoughts it depends the quality of works. We have to learn to self-observe this center, due to it spends too much energy (with negative thoughts). The better way of thinking it’s no thinking and knowing to listen the heart.
  • Energy: Mental
  • Sense: Ear
  • Defect: Pride

Motor Hub

This is the hub for movement. It’s in charge of all works and words. This hub is completely mechanical when it is being handled by psychological defects (we are zombies). This one learns to do anything and it perfects the movement until thought doesn’t participate at all. If we’ll think when this hub acts we could even kill ourselves, for example when we’re driving a vehicle. This hub handles will and as long as we have defects our works are influenced by them.

  • Location: On the same latitude as larynx over spinal column.
  • Function: TO DO with words, works and omissions. What human beings mostly do is talking all kind of silliness, almost never they do or say useful things.
  • Energy: Motive
  • Sense: Sight
  • Defect: Anger

Higher Emotional Hub

  • Location: Pituitary Gland
  • Function: TO JUDGE, to weigh up effects
  • Energy: Of the conscience
  • Sense: Self-observe or clear-clairvoyance
  • Defect: Gluttony

Higher Intellectual Hub

  • Location: Pineal Gland
  • Function: TO KNOW
  • Energy: Of pure spirit
  • Sense: Poli-clairvoyance
  • Defect: Envy

A4 Seven Hubs


Hubs are unbalanced at all human beings, cause of nobody is interested on working on itself, and almost all beings don’t know their selves. That’s why we have to begin by knowing them.

Instinctive center as energy producer supplies to all lower hubs, and excess are stored at Sexual center. This job is made at night when physical body rests.

At the beginning of the day each of us has full batteries. And we start to spend energy every time we use a hub.

Each of our thoughts spends energy from Intellectual hub, until exhausting its initial charge. When this charge it is totally exhausted  then Intellectual hub steals energy from Sexual  hub to keep working.

Each of our words and each of our movements spend energy from Motor hub. When their energy supplies get exhausted this one has to steal energy from sexual hub to keep working-

Each of our emotions in every day’s life exhaust energy from Emotional hub, and this one steals energy from sexual hub.

In turn, to be able for functioning, as it’s been plundered during all day, Sexual hub has to work with excesses from other hubs. Conclusion: they don’t work with its own energy and nothing new can be created.

To top of it all very few humans know about Supra-sex, and when they get to practice sex they make efforts to extract energy or throw out through orgasm. And all energy reserves are  extracted to have fun.



First five hubs are fall and work wrong. Two higher hubs didn’t fall and work balanced. Very little beings use superior hubs. Most of them use wrongly the lower five ones.

  1. If we are going to balance hubs we must learn to observe them first.
  2. Second step will be to save energy so that there won’t be plundering of Sexual hub.

Straight A4

We must begin to think over about this:

  • ¿What is it Straight Thinking? This thought is not from my Self, it’s from a defect and it has to die.
  • ¿What is it Straight Feeling? This feeling is not from my Self, it’s from a defect and it has to die.
  • ¿What is it Straight Doing? What am I doing? This mechanical acting is not from my Self, it’s from a defect and it has to die.
  • ¿What is it Straight Talking? What am I saying? This is not useful and it has to die.

If we star to practice this strategy we’ll notice that very few things that we do, we say, we feel and we think fulfill this requirements. We’ll notice that we do nothing else than silliness, that we never think about something useful, that we never feel anything good, and that we talk nineteen to the dozen. Conclusion: failure.

At practicing this strategy Energy Saving will start, and this will allow us to use well the sex, to create Self’s Superior Existential Bodies, and escaping from animal state that we are at the moment.

As any possibility of the Self depends on this, we must start to practice it immediately.

End Talk 4



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