Talk 5 and 6 Phase A



A dimension is a Level of Conscience. There are so many  dimensions as levels of conscience.  On each splitting number of laws and materiality increase.


First Dimension: Length or distance between two points. Tritocosmos or each atom’s world. World of mono-brained and bi-brained with no spinal column.  All distances: meter, kilometer, yard, etc.

Second Dimension: Surface or a line displacement on space. All surfaces or surface’s measures: square meter, square foot, square kilometer, hectare, etc.

All thing’s surfaces. They’re given by two dimensions: length and wide or height. Its measures are like this: m2, km2, etc.

At this dimension we find our Personality and all our superficiality, volumes appearance, physical shapes.

At this dimension we find all bi-brained with spinal column, they see world like superimposed planes. They lack third brain so they can’t get self’s fulfillment yet. This is the world of 96 laws. It’s called limbo or Hell’s hall.

Third Dimension: Volume all bodies or things with organic or inorganic physical presence, with three dimensions: length, wide and height. Here we find our Physical Body, and all measures are cubic: m3, cm3, dm3, hm3, etc. As we can appreciate, this dimension contains the first two ones.

Here tri-brained bipeds or rational animals inhabit, wrongly called men, with its three brains they can get self’s self fulfillment, humanizing their selves and stopping from being animals, in any of their 108 existences as humans.

This dimension is handled by 48 laws, and we find them in each cell, represented in 48 chromosomes.

The importance of physical or material body is that is a Sexual Creator Energy condenser, and it can transmute it by joining  an opposite sex earth. Male with female.

Fourth Dimension: Time it’s the length of our physical body or the length for any volume. Here we find our Vital Body, alsosubject to 48 physical world’s laws. It’s the higher part of our matter. (it can be seen tetra-dimensionally).

This body represents ou water that are 90% of our physical body. The time we are referring to it’s the one that is between we get born and we die.

In this waters we find all metallic atoms from our seminal system, they all content in aura field. These are the one we need to regenerate and release.

Fifth Dimension: Eternity at defining eternity we find time too, in a continuous way, with no beginning and no ending. So we see how previous dimensions are content in this. That’s why here we find past, present and future in a continuous way. We’re seeing that everything that has a past it has a future, and this prevents from living the present, instant by instant.

At this dimension we find two worlds: Astral World and Mental World, with their corresponding bodies, which handle different functions and have its own features.

  • Astral Body: it handles 24 laws, it’s molecular made, and it’s Fire or desire, it handles our emotional world. It’s controlled by Salamandras of fire.
  • Mental Body: it handles 12 laws, it’s atomic made and it’s related to air or wisdom, it causes our intellect. The way of thinking of each of our atoms. It’s controlled by Silfos and Silfides of air.

Sixth Dimension: Reality or Truth,  here we find what it is, what it has been, and what  it will be, the planets of the Christ, electromagnetic words.

Also here we find two different levels:

  • Causal or Conscious Will World, where we find will’s body, ruled by six (6) laws, with electric nature, formed by all electrons from our atoms. It represents our verb or Sexual Creator Energy and all creations. It’s the human soul.
  • Budhic or Conscience World, where we find Budhic Body, ruled by six (6) laws, magnetic made, made up of all protons from atoms (the reason for being it’s the self). This body is up, it didn’t fall. It’s Divine Soul.

Seventh Dimension or Great Reality, here we find the world of Light or Atmic world, we find with our Intimo, ruled by three laws. It’s made up of photons, the lower our self can get, cause he comes from the world of Spirit. It’s the Christical principle in each of us. It’s our particular warrior. Atmic body didn’t fall, it’s up in each of us.

As we can see as we go up dimensions are lighter. The natures: cellular, eteric, molecular, atomic, electronic, protonic, photonic.



A5and6 Where they are in us

Let’s study this carefully:

Each dimension is a level of conscience. As we recover the Water the level of conscience rises by spinal column, vertebra by vertebra, and body by body.

Each one of these bodies handles a different dimension. Without creating certain body it’s not possible to handle certain dimension.

Raw material to create any of these bodies is Sexual Creator Energy. This energy is contaminated by different defects which manifest in us every day. Therefore we have to decontaminate every day’s energy working daily.

The bodies are created in sexual practice(birth). We work during the day balancing hubs with self-observing, preventing defects to exhausting energy, so that we can dispose of Sexual Creator Energy for Sexual transmutation. In the night we copulate to fix saved energy.

If we understand that each body has its own Waters or Mercury, and that each one must have its own process, we’ll comprehend that rising self levels is something slow and progressive.

The conquer of dimensions allow us to govern them with a lower number of laws. This conquer is made in abyss working with our own  sexual energy, taking out light or wisdom from darkness.

With Three Factors job, the Dimensions whole conquer is carried out:

  • Death allow us to release conscience and purify Sexual Creator Energy.
  • Birth in sex allow us to create Self’s Existential Bodies.
  • Sacrifice for Humanity allow us to wake up Love, the unique law in absolute.


  • It’s not possible to rise in Superior Dimensions without disintegrating all heavy and grotesque stuff from our personality.
  • It’s not possible to have real representation in a Dimension without creating corresponding body.
  • We came to planet earth to get Self’s self fulfillment and to achieve whole conscience. This is possible only by going down to infradimensions, where 97% of our conscience or essence is trapped.
  • Without working on ourselves it’s not possible to create anything.
  • It’s also necessary to know the methods to verify these dimensions, as we are doing different creations:

o   To go from third dimension to fourth dimension Jinas states are used.

o   To go from third dimension to fifth dimension Splitting is used.

o   To go from third dimension to sixth and seventh dimension Meditation is used.

It’s necessary practicing these methods to directly verify and know these dimensions.

5and6 Dimensions


End Talk 5 and 6



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