Talk 8 Phase A


At first we got to understand that Evolution Law is completely mechanical. Secondly we must notice that if Evolution Law exists also Involution Law exists, it’s its twin by opposition. Humanity’s mechanical hope in evolution is a failure. If we see how much we’ve “evolved” in recent years, we’ll notice this: ¿When had we seen so much degeneration, wickedness, war, prostitution, homosexuality, lesbianism, cruelty, etc, etc.?

We must stop dreaming with mechanical evolution and notice that only through Conscious Revolution is possible to get Human regeneration. We must understand how wrong we are when we are based in concepts as Darwin’s theory.

The objective for this talk is to clearly see the reason why we came to the planet and how we can accomplish the objective.

¿ How do we evolve through nature’s four kingdoms? All sparks leave from Absolute Sacred Sun looking for its mastery or Self’s fulfillment, through one of the Creation’s Seven Rays.  The go down to Samsara’s wheel to take the course. A few get Self self’s fulfillment, most of them fail. They all have free will and are not pushed to get triumph.

300,000 esoteric years are set as time for the opportunity, represented in the making of three thousand (3000) souls, 1 soul for each cycle; and one hundred eight (108) human existences for each soul. This means 324000  human physical bodies.

There are three options in the wheel:

  • Triumph (getting Self self’s fulfilment)
  • Failure (exhausting existences and go back to absolute with 3%)
  • Quit the wheel and go back with 3% of conscience.

Let’s see Samsara’s Wheel:

 A8 Evolution

By right evolution rises directed by Anubis

By left involution descends directed by Tifon.

In Evolution  we find four kingdoms of nature, and in Involution  the same four kingdoms but in involutive state.

-Mineral Kingdom                          -Mineraloid Kingdom

-Vegetal Kingdom                          -Vegetaloid Kingdom

-Animal Kingdom                            -Animaloid Kingdom

-Human Kingdom                           -Humanoid Kingdom


Let’s study Evolution:

gnomoIn Mineral Kingdom the spark is connected to mineral’s physical body (stone, metal, a grain of sand, etc.)

Its soul is called Gnome or Pygmy and it has original spark with its 3% of conscience. It has no psychological defects, but it starts to create them. It receives the first brain: emotional.

At this conditions it will last thousands and even million years forming  its fist defects. The first defects that forms are disobedience to nature’s Gurus Devas. It continues with antipathy.

The only task that the spark has in Mineral Kingdom is going to school where it learns different things about the kingdom.

When Anubis notices that spark has enough created defects, it takes it to Vegetal Kingdom.


elementalIn Vegetal Kingdom the spark is connected to a vegetal, according to the original Ray at which belongs. Its soul is called Elemental. And its Conscience continuous with 3% as it arrived, but it is moved with the defects that it created.

It receives second brain: Motor–Instinctive–Sexual. Despite it’s planted at a place, it starts developing instinctive brain. This brains allows it to feel pain, pleasure, and fear.

It’s now a bi-brained. Emotional Brain and Motor-Instinctive-Sexual Brain. It has to start fighting for food, for light and against parasite plants, etc. In this fight it creates new psychological defects, because now it can feel pain and it has to apprehend a lot from nature, to become strong.

When Guru Deva notices enough defects have been created, it disconnects it from Vegetal kingdom and it connects it to Animal kingdom.


animaIn Animal Kingdom the sparks keeps its 3% of conscience, it keeps two brains from Vegetal learn to defend from other animals, etc, etc.

Here it will develop all its animal instincts, fornication, violence, fear, agility, it learn to survive at a wild environment, this takes to create new defects.

The soul in Animal kingdom is called Anima. When Guru Deva notices that it has enough defects it takes it Human Kingdom.


alma animalIn Human Kingdom  it receives a new brain, which it’s called Intellectual, and it receives the name of soul. He is assigned 108 existences with human physical body. They’ll connect silver cord to the first human physical body.

From that moment it will go down nine stairs, or rather it will degenerate in cycles of twelve (12) existences until descending the nine stairs.

The first existences will be in a tribe, in a remote place far from civilization. When existence number 54 is completed Evolution is over. And human because of so much Ego that has formed will star involution, despite of it still has a right to other 54 existences as Humaniod. Instinct takes intellect and puts it at its service, and Soul or Psyche gets dark quickly.


If we don’t make the most of soul we lose it, cause once 108 existences are over we’ll enter in Involution, until nature disintegrates the last of all psychological defects and we get Second Death.


Let’s study Involution:

Once 108 existences in Human Kingdom are over the spark is connected to an involutive animal, at the time its polluted essence enters Dante’s nine circles, from where it won’t come out until nature finishes disintegrating all defects.

Here it will receive a lot of animal bodies, later it will be connected to many bodies of involutive plants, and finally it will arrive to Involutive Mineral Kingdom (decomposition minerals).

This steps must happen because the Sun can’t have lazy sparks. They all must serve to law of Trogo.



Revolution of Conscience is a job that every one of us must do to get its own transformation.

This change is done through the Three Factors of Conscience’s Revolution.

A8 three factors

Psychological Death:

  • To discover psychological defects through self-observing.
  • To judge defects to understand them.
  • Ask Divine Mother to disintegrate understood defects.

Spiritual Birth:

A wise use of Sexual Creator Energy to create Self’s Existential Bodies. Sexual union between man and woman (a phallus in a vagina) without spilling Sexual Creator Energy.

With Spiritual Birth released conscience is fixed in spinal cord.

Sacrifice for Humanity:

Giving this knowledge to humanity, with no interest involved , so that every person that receives it can do it’s own Job.

With sacrifice for humanity we wake up Love.


This way we release ourselves from Samsara’s wheel, from the process of Evolution and Involution in which we’ve been trapped for a very long time. This way we get Self’s self fulfillment.


End Talk 8



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