The following lessons look for human regeneration and to teach the right and precise steps for the Self‘s self fulfilment, for the conscience’s awakening.

Here you’ll find 50 practical lessons that contains all trails that lead to conscience release.

To develop each lesson in a most complete and detailed way is always advisable assisting to a talk’s room, where an instructorcan solve any doubt you may have. Talks in english are available in Ecuador, Baños de Agua Santa, click here for detailed information.

If it’s not possible for you to assist to a talk’s room, we recommend you to read and study two lessons by week, so that you can experience in everyday’s life and understand them beyond intellectual level.

You can send us your doubts and comments to

If neccesary we’ll offer talks by skype.

Lessons will be available as soon as we traduce them.

There’s also a Glosary to help you in understandidg this talks. Click here

Phase A

Talk 1: Oneself’s Knowledge and its aims

Talk 2: What is death. What it dies and what it doesn’t.

Talk 3: Astral Projection.

Talk 4: The Seven Hubs of Human Machine

Talk 5 and 6: Dimensions and where they are in us

Talk 7: The Conjurations. Belilin, Magic Circle, Jupiter, Pentalfa.

Talk 8: Evolution, Involution, Revolution

Talk 9: The Infradimensions


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